Olga Amaro respects de established formulas, but she is not very keen on strictly following them. She innovates in the projects she creates and in the ones she participates, falls in love with unpredictable stages, misses Cape Town and listens to Jazz to relax. With a regular presence as soloist and chamber musician, Olga Amaro already performed in Portugal, Spain, Romania, South Africa and Mozambique. On October 2013 Olga Amaro releases, with soprano Marina Pacheco, the Canções de Lemúria CD (Lemuria’s Songs).

She still remembers her first class in 1997 with Helena Sá e Costa, when she played Bach, and she bears in mind the words, enthusiasm and care of the master, until today. Three years later, from 2000 until 2003, Olga was studying in Escola Superior de Música Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE), in Porto, in the Professor Constantin Sandu classes.

In 2004, Olga went to Stellenbosh University in South Africa, where she had the pianist Nina Shumann has a mentor, and who still is a reference nowadays for Olga Amaro. In this university music was everywhere, there was always public to play for, indoors or outdoors. These circumstances made Olga grow up professionally in a fast pace and demanded her to be always ready for a last time concert. The progress was so fast that, from 2004 until 2008, she was assistant-professor at the Stellenbosch University's Piano Department.

In 2005 she finishes cum laude the BMus Honours Degree in Piano Performance and in 2008 she concludes cum laude the Masters Degree in Piano Performance in Stellenbosh University as well.

The pianist remembers with nostalgia her first steps in music. Born in Âncora, close to Caminha, in Portugal, Olga Amaro begins her musical studies in this city at Academia de Música Fernandes de Fão, in 1994, with Eugénia Moura. This Professor was her huge motivation and inspiration.

Olga Amaro considers herself a pianist with an unconditional love for music because through it she feels that she reaches the best in people. “Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable”, Leonard Bernstein.

In her pianist career, there are some prizes to refer:
• Award for the Best Pianist of the 5th Bel canto Contest of the Fundação Rotária Portuguesa (2011, Portugal)
• Winner of the Stellenbosch National Ensemble Competition and of the Mabel Quick Competition (2006, South Africa)
• 1st Prize in Ensemble category at ATKV-Muziq Competition (2005, South Africa)
• 3rd Prize and Ivo Cruz Prize of Performance at the Maria Campina National Contest (2011, Portugal)
• 1st Prize in Florinda Santos National Contest (1996, Portugal)
• 2nd Prize at Regional Contest of Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian (1996 and 1998, Portugal)