Marina Pacheco (soprano) and Olga Amaro (pianist) started their project in 2011 with a recital for the Music International Day in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. Since then, the duo has performed numerous recitals over the country, always collecting eulogistic regards and warm reactions by the audience.

    In October 2011 they were both awarded at the 5th Rotary Foundation Singing Competition, which final concert took place in S. Luiz Theatre, in Lisbon. The duo was invited to play in the Museu Romântico’s Music Cycle in Porto (March 2012), in the concert season of Casa das Artes de Famalicão (March 2012) and to open the Percursos da Música Festival in Ponte de Lima (July 2012). At this festival the duo started a partnership with the actor/director Pedro Lamares, debuting the show Trip to Buenos Aires.

    The duo created various projects as Song and Opera, Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro in Concert, Trip to Buenos Aires and, more recently, Textures.

    In 2012 they started their international debut performing at Tossa de Mar International Music Festival and at Besalú XI International Music Festival, in Spain.

    In the end of 2013 their first album – Lemuria’s Songs - will be released, consisting in original works composed by Portuguese composers for the duo. Pedro Lamares will direct the homonym show that will be performed all around Europe.


    You can only see well with your heart. What is essential is invisible to your eyes. - Saint-Exupéry wrote. This is how Trip to Buenos Aires looks to the Tango. Without intending to tell his story, without the delusion of wanting to be there, being here. The show is a musical, poetic and photographic journey by our imagination, taking off from Portugal, with stops in Cape Verde and Brazil.

    Destination: Buenos Aires, which could be anywhere within us. Those memories that bring us things we do not lived, at least consciously. We seek the “imminent”. The “suggestion”. The “ellipse”, between thinking about going and being already there. The “almost” that we realize to be so often and the “nostalgia” we say we are and that so often we don’t even know why.

    A show full of colour, intensity and delivery, where the play of lights and images creates a variety of moments that capture the audience’s attention from the beginning until the end.


    There are those who sing, there are those who charm... There are those who play, there are those who act... There are those who savour and dream the words... There are those who make art for the sake of art!

    Textures, more than a dialogue of melodies and poetry, is a project that makes the dream of three artists come true, being on the same stage to share the best of each other.

    Marina Pacheco (soprano), Olga Amaro (pianist) and Pedro Lamares (actor/director) give life to a unique concept that runs through the musical-poetic universe, exploring the essence of varied textures present on stage: singing and speaking voice through dramatized reading; masculine timbre in contrast with a feminine timbre within an exploration of interpretative techniques; the fusion of the sound of the strings moved by playing the piano keys with the harmony of the speech of who interprets the beauty of each word and its meaning.

    To listen, to feel and to breathe the art through three artists who do it as a way of living!


    In 2012, the 150th anniversary of the first edition of Amor de Perdição by Camilo Castelo Branco was marked. In order to celebrate this milestone and the memories of the writer, the Historic Society of North Region started a program that goes beyond Amor de Perdição, connecting Camilo Castelo Branco with the places where his works took place, through cultural events. Literature, lectures and music compose Camilo’s Colloquia..

    By the invitation of José Valle de Figueiredo, mentor of this project in honor of Camilo Castelo Branco, Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro created a voice and piano recital, giving musical life to Camilo’s works that were set into music by many Portuguese composers. The first recital took place in February 2013 at Teatro Municipal de Lamego, at Noites de Lamego – 150 anos de Amor de Perdição.


    Lemuria's Songs é um projeto abrangente que pretende divulgar a cultura portuguesa. Quatro compositores foram convidados a escrever para Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro, para a gravação de um disco e apresentação de um espetáculo homónimo.

    Eduardo Luís Patriarca, Osvaldo Fernandes, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes e Nuno Jacinto compuseram obras para o duo sobre textos de Valter Hugo Mãe, Gonçalo M. Tavares, José Luís Peixoto e Paulo José Miranda, respetivamente. Estes quatro nomes da literatura portuguesa foram vencedores do Prémio José Saramago, sendo protagonistas de carreiras internacionais de relevo. A par destes nomes, estão também os compositores que desenvolvem igualmente uma carreira com impacto em Portugal e no estrangeiro.

    Com a gravação do disco realiza-se a produção de um espetáculo homónimo, Canções de Lemúria, que conta com a encenação e a presença em palco do ator Pedro Lamares e com a cenografia da artista plástica Manuela Pimentel.

    Um projeto especial que nos leva a refletir sobre o mundo e a efemeridade da vida!

    Sob a premissa de qualidade que tem regido o percurso de todos os intervenientes, Canções de Lemúria pretende ser um conceito inovador.